Hi! This is my not-very-pretty-but-very-functional website to help you install Reidstuf. To install, please do the following:
  1. Create a directory on your computer for Reidstuf. I'd recommend "C:\Reidstuf\" but you can put it anywhere you wish
  2. Right-click on this link:
  3. Select "Save Target As..." and download the file into your C:\Reidstuf directory (or wherever you created the directory) and unzip it right in that directory
  4. Create a shortcut on your desktop that points to C:\Reidstuf\Reidstuf.exe

If you want to use the sound files for "Find the First Sound You Hear", you'll also need to do this:
  1. Create a subdirectory under your Reidstuf directory called "Sounds"
  2. Unzip this file: (about 15 MB) into the "Sounds" directory
Here's an .ocx that some computers need in order for Reidstuf to work: RICHTX32.OCX
If you have any questions, comments or whatever, please email me at
Last Updated April 3, 2005